Tips on Organizing a Laundry Room

These tips on organizing a laundry room will help you to enjoy a smooth workflow every day. The appliances in your laundry room should be positioned so that they reduce energy losses and make it easy to transition from one activity to another. You may also have to consider the height and abilities of different people who will use the laundry room, so that it is completely accessible. This article will share tips on organizing your laundry room, so that you always make the best use of your space.

Use your Wall Space

Many people do not use the wall space in their laundry room efficiently. Even if you have a relatively small laundry area, it is likely to have walls that you can use to temporarily store clothes while you are ironing or conducting other tasks. Hanging bars can be installed at a reasonable cost, to help you make the best use of your wall space. These tension rods help with air drying and will hold freshly ironed clothing.

Wall-mounted drying racks can be customized to match your needs or you can purchase one of the many units that are available. Some come with hooks and swing arms, which help to save space while allowing you to conveniently reach the clothes that you need. These racks also help to save space when you are air drying a lot of small items, such as baby clothes.

You can also use unexpected spaces. If you have a fairly small laundry area, the space on the back of your door can be used for storage as well. You can place shelves and rods on the back of any door. You can also hang your ironing board or another heavy iaccessory on the back of the laundry room door. if it won't affect safety. When you're selecting hooks and racks, ensure that their maximum load weight matches your needs.

Adequate Floor Space

You should plan the layout of your laundry room to ensure that you have adequate floor space available. You should be able to comfortably move around when carrying laundry hampers and other objects. If you have to squeeze in between objects in a packed room, it will slow you down. The floor of your laundry room should be non skid, to help prevent accidents in a room that is often wet and slippery. Everyone in your household should be able to safely move around on the type of flooring that you select.

Wheeled Baskets

Where possible, use wheeled laundry baskets throughout your home, to avoid the strain of lifting packed hampers. Wheeled baskets can be used to move clothes to your washer and from your dryer to other areas of your home with no issues. These are also more convenient to use during pregnancy, illness or injury.

Reduce Travel Time

Many people don't think about accessibility when they are building a home or doing renovations. Howeve,r wherever possible, your laundry room should always be on the ground floor of your home to provide easy access and minimize the time spent going to and from the room. Having your laundry room on the ground floor also makes it easy for members of your household who have mobility issues to do their laundry on their own and be independent.

Stack Appliances

From the start, you should select appliances that can be easily stacked on top of each other. This helps to reduce the floor space that will be required by your washer and dryer. If possible, select the most compact units available to save on space. If people in your home can easily navigate around appliances, this increases safety in the room. Children will be less likely to bounce into appliances while they are running around, if there are less of them on the ground. Relatives who use a wheelchair can also move more freely around a room that has adequate room, than one that is packed with hampers, appliances and other objects.

Add Accessible Storage

Counter space can be used to fold clothes and stack them in between dryer loads. Folding your clothes helps to reduce wrinkles, so you'll use less time on ironing later. Consider the height of all people in your household when you are installing counters and ensure that at least some of the shelves are easy to reach for the shortest people in your home. Accessible storage and drawers will make it easy for you to keep cleaning products close at hand. Ensure that you use handles that are simple for children and individuals with painful joints to grip and pull.

Use Wire Baskets for Small Items

Wire baskets can be used for small items in your laundry. You can attach a label to each basket and store items by use, so that you can easily find whatever you need. The labels that you need may change over time or even charge every month, as your family's lifestyle adjusts to new sports and other activities.

If you use cloth hampers ensure that these clearly indicate what type of clothing they are for. Sorting your clothes from the beginning helps to reduce stress later on and save time. You can immediately put items that should be hand washed in one hamper, bed linen in another and so on. Make the labels on your hampers large and easy to read at a glance, so you can speed up the process of identifying which is needed at a particular time.

In order to reduce the hassle that can be associated with changing labels, consider using chalkboard labels. This way, you can easily erase whatever is no longer required. You can also print small messages on your labels to remind others in your home of tasks that are associated with each basket.

Consider selecting wire baskets in colors that cheer and inspire you, so you'll feel happy whenever you're doing your laundry. While baskets of the same size look uniform, this may not necessarily meet your needs. Consider gauging how much space you need for items in each category before you buy your baskets and then making appropriate selections. This way, you won't end up with a basket that takes up space unnecessarily or one that seems to be constantly crammed, making it difficult for you to find whatever you need.

Store Items in Priority Order

Some of the items in your laundry room will be used frequently, while others will be used once a month or even more infrequently. The items that you use regularly should be placed within easy reach, in the lowest drawers. Those that are rarely required should be placed in drawers that are further back or higher up.

You'll find that a step ladder is a really handy accessory to have in your laundry room. They can usually be folded flat when they aren't in use, so they can be stored in small gaps or even under some items. You should place your step ladder within easy reach, so that you can quickly use it to reach for items on higher shelves.

Make Cleanup Easy

All of your cleaning tools and accessories should be in one place, so that you can easily locate them whenever spills and other messes occur. If you find that you are frequently removing bubble gum, candy and other items from the pockets of your children's jeans during laundry, you should consider placing a bin close to your washer for convenience.

You can also place a small lint bin near to your dryer. This makes it easy to dispose of lint and keep your dryer functioning effectively. Several of these can be mounted on the wall next to the dryer, to save on floor space. You can also consider using a magnetic lint bin, that can be attached to your dryer's metal surface at a convenient location. The lint from your bin can be used for composting, crafts and gardening.

If your laundry room is fairly big or you use the same clearing items in your laundry room as in other areas of your house,, it may be helpful for you to invest in a rolling cart. This has shelves for you to place folded clothes on, so you can easily place them in other areas of your home after each load.

They often come with smaller shelves an storage areas on the sides, which can be used to organize your cleaning products and store rags that will help[ you clean up spills. When you're selecting a rolling cart, look for one that is as narrow or slim as possible, This allows you to navigate all the corridors in your home with ease, while keeping everything you need for cleaning or proper laundry organization in one place.

There are many ways to organize your laundry room so that you can complete work safely and get everything done in less time. While safety and efficiency are important considerations, it's good to select tools and accessories that make your laundry room a welcoming place. Choose rattan hampers, pretty painted mantels and decorated cabinets that complement your personal style and make you feel relaxed while you work.