Best Ironing Board Cover, Sizes and tips

Are you looking for the best ironing board cover? Do you want an ironing board cover with pad? Ironing board covers are available in different models and sizes. These covers can help with hassle-free pressing. However, you will have to choose a well-made ironing board cover to maximize the benefits. You need to check the fabric, pattern, and pad. If you buy a quality product, you can expect many improved features that include anti-slip design, durability, and scorch-resistance ability.

In this article, we will enable you to know more about ironing board covers. Also, we will introduce a quality made ironing board cover, the TriFusion Silicone Ironing Board Cover. Quilters can go through the following to know how to make a smart decision while choosing an ironing board cover. Also, they can consider the TriFusion Silicone Ironing Board Cover. The TriFusion Silicone Ironing Board Cover is available online. You can visit some popular online retailers such as Walmart and Amazon to make a purchase.


What Is the Best Ironing Board Cover?


Different types of ironing board covers are available in the current market. Therefore, it might not be easy to choose the right one. If you want to go with a quality product, you will have to consider a few factors. You can buy one that is padded, heat-resistant, and easy to install. It should be made with cotton as well.


Most ironing board covers are designed to be heat-resistant. You can expect this feature if you choose a reliable brand. Another consideration is non-stick material. If the cover is non-stick, it will prevent your clothes from sticking. You can go with the cotton material if you want to use the ironing board cover frequently. Cotton will make pressing easy and faster. Therefore, you can get excellent results.


Another determining factor is durability. Make sure that the cover is quality made to last long. Otherwise, you will have to replace your ironing board cover regularly. Also, a good ironing board cover should come with some attachments to make ironing easier. If you use the attachment, the cover will securely fit the board and will not slip off while ironing. Some board covers will come with Velcro, clips, and elastic edging to make adjustments whenever required.


In addition to the above, you will have to ensure that the cover is easy to use and maintain. Get the one that is machine washable to avoid any hassle. In brief, we can say that the best ironing board cover is the one that features padding, attachments, and cotton material. It needs to be heat resistant and easy to maintain as well. If you are looking for such an ironing board cover, you should not look beyond TriFusion Silicone Ironing Board Cover. It features all the best qualities to stand out in the crowd. It combines all the features mentioned above to ensure safe and easy pressing.


How Do You Measure for a New Ironing Board Cover?


To measure for a new ironing board cover, you will have to measure the surface of the ironing board. It will enable you to decide on the correct dimension. Let's know how to do it right


  • First, you will have to measure your ironing board's length. You need to measure from tip to tail. However, you will have to exclude the iron rest.


  • After measuring the length, you will have to measure the width of your ironing board. Measure at the board's widest point from its side to side.


While measuring, you do not need to consider the height and thickness of the padding. Instead, you can go with the common size about fourteen inches wide and fifty-four inches long. After measuring the board, you will have to make sure that you are buying as close to the size as possible. When it is not possible to get the exact size, you can go with a slightly larger size. Avoid choosing the one that is a bit smaller.


If you have a specialized board, you should not consider a standard size. Specialized ironing boards will come with unique shapes to be useful for quilters. You will have to find the exact size of the same brand. If you are unable to get from the same brand, you can contact the manufacturer. You can request a replacement. By doing this, you can get the perfect fit. It is worth mentioning that if the fitting is not proper, you will face a lot of difficulties while pressing.


How Often Should You Change Ironing Board Cover?


You can clean your ironing board cover whenever you find it dirty or stained. Some stains can be cleaned. However, some stains cannot be cleaned. They can linger. If you do not replace the cover, the stain can transfer to clothes during ironing. In that condition, you will have to change the cover early even if it is in good condition. Also, when the board cover or the pad is disintegrating, crumbling, or showing any other signs of wear and damage, you can consider a replacement. The rule of thumb is five to seven years.


Now you are aware of some basics that can help you to choose the best ironing board cover. You know the considering factors and the measurement requirements. You also know when you can consider a replacement. Next, we will discuss one of the most popular ironing board covers available in the current condition, TriFusion Silicone Ironing Board Cover. It is recommended by quilters for durability and padding. Also, the product is easily accessible online. Let's cover the features, sizes, and possible benefits to enable you to decide with a well-informed mind.


Overview of TriFusion Silicone Ironing Board Cover


It features three layers of fabric. These fabrics are fused together to create a better solution for quilters. When it comes to the size, it measures 15in x 54 inches. Also, there is a silicone coating to offer enhanced performance. Yes, the padding is also worth mentioning. If you are looking for an ironing board cover with pad, you must give it a try. The cover features an 8mm thick padding. It will include 2mm foam padding and 6mm felt padding. Also, the installation is super easy. The maintenance requirements are also minimal. You can wash your ironing board cover in a machine. All these unique features make this ironing board cover a preferred choice for many.


The padding, silicone scorch proofing, and layering will make ironing easier. You can finish your ironing fast. Also, it will produce fewer shiny spots and scorch marks. As a result, you can enjoy ironing and complete the task quickly without any inconvenience.


Key Features of the TriFusion Silicone Ironing Board Cover


The 160gsm ironing board cover comes with many advanced features to make ironing easy for all. The product is quality made to offer a durable result. If you compare this ironing board cover with its competitors, you will certainly find it worth your time and money. When other ironing board covers feature two layers, it comes with three layers.


The silicone-coated layers can offer you many benefits. First, it will reflect the heat, and that will ultimately cut your ironing time. Therefore, you can finish your ironing fast. Also, it will repel water, and that will make ironing easy. The product is scorch-resistant. This feature will enable clothes to glide across the board easily. While ironing, it will keep the clothes firm. In addition to the above, it does not demand much maintenance. Whenever you notice any oil-based or similar stains on the cover, you can wash it in a machine.


Even if it has three layers of fabric, you will feel like it has only one layer. The reason is that all the layers are fused together to ensure easy usage and that you might not expect from other ironing board covers. As three layers will be fused, quilters will not have to be worried about slipping or bunching. The padding is an added benefit. The 8mm padding will ensure a perfect iron contact on your clothes without making them too sticky and spongy. You can glide your steam iron or dry iron over the cover and notice the difference.


Size of the TriFusion Silicone Ironing Board Cover


It can be perfect if you are looking for a standard ironing board cover. The cover size of 15x54 can fit any standard ironing board. Also, it features a snug nose pocket. The nose pocket will secure the board cover firmly on the board. The installation will be easy and fast. There is also an elastic binding. That will prevent slipping. Another noteworthy feature is 4x elastic bands. These bands are adjustable. Therefore, you can easily install it on either old or new ironing boards. The fitting will be proper and secure. There will be a free ironing mesh. That will protect your clothes from burns or shinning.


Is It Supported By a Warranty Period?


Yes, TriFusion Silicone Ironing Board Cover is supported by a warranty period. It comes with two years warranty. The warranty period proves the credibility and durability of the product. This ironing board cover is considered safe since it is REACH certified. It is machine washable as well.


Also, it is supported by a 30-day warranty period. If you are not satisfied with the result, you can request a refund. You will get back your money. Therefore, you should give it a try to know the usefulness. If it is not helping much, you are free to ask for a refund.


Benefits of the TriFusion Silicone Ironing Board Cover


TriFusion Silicone Ironing Board Cover is designed for all those looking for a durable and easy-to-use ironing board cover to meet their specific ironing needs. You are going to appreciate the quality of the board cover. It is much thicker than most of its competitors. The thick cover offers a smooth and even surface for ironing. It is easy to install. You can fix it to any standard ironing board.


It features a durable elastic all around to ensure an easy and secure fit. Also, it will be stretched properly to get the best fit for your ironing board. The silicone sheet offers an added benefit. It will allow you to use a higher setting without damaging the clothes. We can say that it does ironing for users. Here are some other benefits that you might consider.


  • Thick, well made, and padded cover
  • Eco-friendly and toxic-free
  • Easy to install and easy to maintain
  • Two years warranty and a 30-day money-back warranty offer
  • Firm fitting with the anti-slip design and strong elasticized edges
  • Nose pocket and adjustable bands to ensure a fast and secure fit
  • Three-layered padding to create an even and smooth surface for ironing


What Are the Downsides?


TriFusion Silicone Ironing Board Cover might not be a perfect choice for those ironing boards that come with some specific shape requirements. However, it can be the best choice for any standard ironing board.


What Makes TriFusion Silicone Ironing Board Cover Worth Your Money?


The product is well made. It comes with many advanced features to make ironing easy than ever. The material is super durable and easy to maintain. The three-layered fabric can support all your ironing needs. As it is quality made and machine washable, you will not have to replace your ironing board cover regularly. A simple wash will bring back the freshness and cleanliness of the board cover. Also, the fitting will be secure. It will not slip and can be adjusted using the adjustable bands. Other benefits are a 30-day money-back warranty offer and two years warranty.


Wrapping Up


While buying a cover for your ironing board, you will have to consider a few factors. The material, size, and design are the key considerations. Measure the size of your ironing board to get the right size for the cover. Otherwise, the board cover might not fit your ironing board. TriFusion Silicone Ironing Board Cover is considered the best since it meets all the considerations mentioned above. It features thick padding and adjustable bands. More importantly, it will last long with a little maintenance.